Are you being counted?

Do you have people in your lives that just seem to always have tickets or free-pass to some exclusive and high-end events? When I was younger, my aunt was that person. For every notable event in the country, she had tickets to share. She was there. I envied her. Her work; and obviously the memories, connections and opportunities she had each of these events!

Are you being counted at the upcoming Conference? As Vice President of Public Relations, are you being counted at the upcoming conference? Who will be representing your club and also sharing the magic of O.U.R Conference that is coming up. Visit and share the link with fellow club members.

Are you being counted as a club to stand in the Hall of Fame? Have you made some people in the community #ProudToastmasters? Perhaps this is an opportunity for you to be counted among the “Hall-of-famers?” Host another Open House. An Open House event when well planned can attract at least 10 to an average of 15 potential/prospective Toastmasters (not guests) Isn’t that what we all want?

The District PR team is counting on you to be one of the people and clubs to count on what can we do to help your PR efforts?

Andrew Tsuro, DTM

Public Relations Manager – Southern Africa District 74