Are you celebrating?

It started of as a dream, then it became an affirmation and now it is becoming REAL!

Good day #PeopleMakingHistory,

Did you know that you are part of one of the most successful leadership teams that our district has had? I am grateful to you for your service to our organisation. Because of you and the efforts of your club, we have been able to record one of the best performances our district has enjoyed to date. You are truly #PeopleMakingHistory. If you are yet to understand what #PeopleMakingHistory is all about, I would like to invite you to read about this in my report to District Council. So what’s next for us?

  1. It would mean the world to me if your club ends the year as a Distinguished club. Part of our district mission is helping clubs in achieving excellence. Historically, the best we have achieved is having 6 of every 10 clubs being distinguished. This year, I would like to seek your assistance in helping us raise that number to 7 of every 10 clubs. I know it may be a stretch for some of you but, this is something that will make a big difference to the momentum of our strategy to make this our district, a healthy district we can all be proud of. To those of you whose clubs are already Distinguished or better, congratulations, I look forward to celebrating you at the Hall of Fame. I challenge you to consider helping the other clubs in your area to achieve the same as victory is always sweeter when others around are celebrating too!

  2. Next week Saturday 18 May 2019, we will be having our annual physical District Council Meeting. May I invite you to participate in this event which is free for all to attend
    (i) The full Notice of Council Meeting can be found at For more information on the contents of this notice or if you have a motion you would like to table, please contact our Administration Manager Njabulo Thela.(ii) You will be required to vote on the new alignment, District Director & Finance Manager’s report and many other things. May I encourage you to read these reports ahead of time and reach out to us directly before the meeting for clarity questions so that we can use our time at the Council meeting profitably.

     (iii) Should you as a Council member (President and/or Vice President of Education) be unable to attend to represent your club, please may I ask you to assign your proxy to any paid member of your club attending so that your voice can be heard. To assign a proxy click on the link at If you still have further questions, please approach our Credentials Chairman Karen Armour. 

    You will need to register to vote which can be done with the Credentials Team at the conference, so if you are only coming to the Council meeting on the Saturday, please arrive at-least 1 hour before to get your voting devices.
  3. Just as the district will be planning for its future next week, it is my hope that you too will be planning the same for your club. As #PeopleMakingHistory, we not only want to succeed this year but, ensure that your club achieves sustainable success in the future. I look forward to seeing you plan handover meeting this May and June that will set you up for future success. 

It started of as a dream, then it became an affirmation and now it is becoming REAL! There will be many celebrations at OurCon next week, at the Hall of Fame in July and at convention in August and we want everyone to be a part of the celebrations. My team and I are here ready to ensure that you do not get left behind in the celebrations. Thank you for your service to your club, to the district and to Toastmasters International. You, my leader have made a big difference to our community and for that, I appreciate you!

Frank Tsuro, DTM

District Director – Southern Africa