Club Experience – Speechcraft as a fundraiser

I recently had the privilege of attending OURCon and left feeling inspired and rejuvenated about the value of the Toastmasters programme! What a pity that every member of District 74 was not present. This spurred me on to share a long awaited article about the value and benefits of clubs delivering Speechcraft courses as a means of raising revenue whilst providing excellent value to participants.

Rosebank Breakfast Toastmasters has delivered three Speechcraft Courses for the Institute of Directors of Southern Africa – a membership based organisation for aspiring and existing Non-Executive Directors of companies. Herewith a few tips and insights on the experience in the hopes that every club can be represented at the next District Conference in 2020, thanks to the revenues earned through Speechcraft.

Identifying a lead
Think about a company that has staff or members that could benefit from the #realskills that are provided by Toastmasters. This makes it easier to sell the value that we bring.
Making the pitch
Start by asking questions about the company and its developmental needs. Be prepared to make a pitch based on the company’s needs, rather than what TI has to offer. Adapt what you say to respond to the needs of the staff or members.
Following through quickly
Don’t delay with sending a written follow-up outlining what you discussed and summarising your proposition. Outline the course structure, the costs and the conditions.

Delivering professional vibrant sessions
Make sure you follow through on your promise. You’ll need one Toastmaster to every 4- 5 participants in each session. Be sure to have members ready to participate in the delivery. Make sure you ‘walk the talk’! Be punctual, professional, and prolific!

Material available
Speech craft facilitator guides and participant guides are available from the Stock Custodian and are a very useful resource. To order, email:
Follow-up with participants
Just like Toastmasters members, Speech craft participants need a nudge and encouragement. It is ideal to reach out to them before and during the programme to see how they are doing.

If you’ve been contemplating Speech craft as a fundraising strategy for your club – hesitate no longer. For more information contact the District Speechcraft Coordinator on: All the best as you pursue this adventure.

Frances Fraser, DTM ,PDG