District Director – Happiness

I have been in a position of privilege over the last few years in Toastmasters. In that time, I have been privileged to meet many #ProudToastmasters from across our district. Of all the privileges I have enjoyed, there is none so far that compares to witnessing Toastmasters from different corners of our district that I met separately out of privilege, embrace and create a bond at OURCon. For me as an individual and as your leader, that was happiness.

We had many uneasy decisions to make going into the conference. It was again my privilege to witness the passionate campaigns, open debates and thrilling contests that brought about progress to our cause and mission as an organisation. To see you there, participating and celebrating the outcomes – for me as an individual and as your leader that was happiness.

I saw a video on Facebook were King Franz of RoyalCon literally dancing his shoes off in celebration of all our achievements of the weekend and most importantly of the year so far. As we take #OneStepForward with Nikki Quinn, our District Director elect and her team it is my hope that you will show up in the same way you have for us this year to create many happy memories.

To quote Division Z Director Dorothy Chanakira in her verbal report to Council, “We are headed for a photo finish.” Because of you #PeopleMakingHistory, we are going to be having lots to celebrate in the coming weeks. As we conclude this year, I would like to once again invite you to be part of the winning team. You and I still have a chance to make something truly special in our last days and make a more beautiful portrait.

Thank you so much for being a part of this incredible journey. Through your participation, we have managed to come up with something beautiful, something that all of us can be proud of, something worthy of #PeopleMakingHistory. Get your passport and visa ready as we will be celebrating in your hometown, celebrating in Johannesburg in July, celebrating in Denver in August, celebrating everywhere we can. When I think of #PeopleMakingHistory, for me as an individual and as your leader, that is happiness. Let us do this #PeopleMakingHistory!

Frank Tsuro DTM

District Director