District Director’s Note

Attitude is the key to all success

Why do some clubs thrive, and others only survive?

Over the last six months I have had the privilege of talking to Leaders, Club Officers and Members around our District. During these conversations I have listened and heard all kinds of stories, many of success and some of challenges.

I realized that these stories of successes and challenges applied not only to Toastmasters as an organization but to life itself. This proved to me, once again that Toastmasters is a laboratory of life, a microcosm of the macrocosm if you like, and if you succeed in Toastmasters you will succeed in Life.

What did all the Success Stories have in common?

  1. Excitement, passion, and belief in what the Leader, Club Officer or member was wanting to achieve.
  2. A creative approach to any obstacle that stood between them and their goal.
  3. An agility and flexibility in their thinking, changing plans when needed and always keeping the goal in mind.
  4. A NEVER give up attitude.
  5. A WOW experience for guests and members at each meeting.

What did all the stories of the challenges have in common?


If your club is not thriving, how many of the above points are not part of your club’s culture? If your life is not thriving, how many of points 1-4 are not part or your thought process? As soon as you incorporate the above points, your club will start to thrive. My challenge for you, as a Leader, a Club Officer or a member is to have an Attitude of Success and to Thrive, not survive in 2021.