Toastmasters member since: April 2019
Education: ?
  • BCom Honours (Marketing Management)
  • BCom (Financial Management)
Toastmasters offices held and terms of service:
  • Area S2 Director 2020/21
  • Club: President 2020/21, VP Education 2019/20
Relevant work experience and how it relates to Toastmasters and your role as a District leader:
I am an administration manager for a laboratory, a position I have held for 10 years. We have branches in Bulawayo and Harare. My administration capabilities and meticulousness can be transferred to Toastmasters as I have work experience in running several branches at work in different locations just as this Division director role will be to look after areas/clubs/members in different locations. Prior to that I was a full time entrepreneur and I still am concurrently with my administration position. The experience of running my own business lends me to being self driven and motivated which are characteristics I believe this position needs. I am a solution finder, innovative and a multitasker.
What experience do you have in strategic planning?
In my third year I studied strategic management as a module. It is a subject I enjoyed and as the company I work for has grown the position I occupy requires me to be a strategic thinker, planner and implementer with a team. One of my key result areas is to develop weekly strategies to improve customer service and efficiency. As I run my own business in a volatile economy in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe I have to be a strategic planner otherwise my business interests would have folded by now.
What experience do you have in the area of finance?
I have a degree in Financial Management. My administration job includes accounting, credit crontrol, debt collection, banking and debtors reconciliation. I manage the financials for my business interests.
What experience do you have in developing procedures?
I am responsible designing clear written process flows to guide administration staff, scientists and staff in general. I also develop organisational policies such as our internal medical aid policy, motor vehicle, operations, business continuity, risk management policies amongst others. I am responsible for writing all administration standard operating procedures and inducting staff in administration based on those procedures.
What lessons did you learn from previous leadership positions?
I have learnt time management, planning, order, meticulousness, being self driven and motivated, being a team player, being patient and kind, having an open door policy, being willing to learn and also in turn teach, accuracy, efficiency, being innovative, trustworthy, hardworking, keeping official secrecy, being innovative, being a researcher, a reader, withstanding pressure and deadlines, overcoming the fear of uncharted territories and the unknown etc. etc.
Why do you want to serve as a District leader?
I want to continue to grow, stretch and learn. When one is stretched they never go back to their original position. I want to also teach and mentor others where I can as it is a rewarding feeling to impact lives. I would like to network with different people as I believe our diversity as human beings is what adds colour and flavour to life.
In your opinion, what are the District mission’s major objectives and how would you work to achieve them?
The District builds new clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence.
I would want to identify opportunities for opening new clubs to help other people enjoy the experience I am enjoying.
I would support all clubs by being an information resource myself and where I cannot help get clarity or refer to the wider toastmasters family.
Additional information about yourself
I am a fast learner with a correctable spirit and willingness to learn.