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Club Coach

Have your Toastmasters meetings dwindled down to just 12 or fewer members? Are the meetings boring and the same five people leading? Have you considered a club coach?


What is a club coach?

  • An experienced Toastmaster who volunteers to help another club in their area.
  • This Toastmaster is not a member of the club and they are not familiar with the club or its members.
  • This Toastmaster is typically working towards their Advanced Leader Silver award for Toastmasters International.


What are the responsibilities of a club coach?

  • Assist the club in raising its membership and helping the club fulfill the requirements necessary to reach distinguished status or better.
  • Build a rapport with club leadership and its members.
  • Assess the environment, observe, analyse and recommend solutions.
  • Develop a plan with goals for improvement.
  • Implement the plan and help club officers and members to achieve their goals.
  • Instil enthusiasm, loyalty and a sense of responsibility for the club’s future.


How can I request a club coach?

  • WHQ will verify club eligibility and send the assigned club coach a training kit containing all materials to fulfill the role as a successful club coach.

Remember, 12 members or less is the standard set by Toastmasters International for a Club to be allocated a Club Coach. The club must want a coach. Consider conducting the ‘Moments of Truth’ workshop session in your club on an annual basis, as it will guide you to areas where the club needs help so the Club Support will be more focused and effective.
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