Goodnight Merryl

Everybody remembers us from the time we ran against each other for Program Quality Director (PQD) two years ago. I remember the 1-person vote difference when the results were announced and you heavily sighed your relief while I started imagining how my Toastmasters life was done with.

Even though we fiercely fought for the PQD role back then, you quickly asked me to be your TLI Chair, literally minutes after?! Who does that to an enemy? Clearly, I was not one! 

You fought for my inclusion and engagement, ever since then. You sent gifts from Cape Town just to affirm and acknowledge the work you had supported me with.

Thank you for your unwavering support, your fighting spirit and your dedication to Toastmasters. May your legacy live on. I respect your unmatched contribution to this organization we both love.

I understand why you had to be PQD then, you had to tick off one of the last things on your bucket list. 
I am PQD elect now, you can rest in peace! 

Good night Merryl Jubber!

Andrew Tsuro, DTM

Program Quality Director elect