Know Your Members-VPM


What does the human race like most?  I dare say that next to health and happiness comes love, TLC and recognition.
We lose hundreds of Toastmasters every year and some of the main reasons are that they feel neglected, no personal Interest, not fulfilling their needs, not being appreciated, and this list is not exhaustive.

So how do we make sure that we move from Customer(member) Care to Customer(member) DELIGHT?
The Key to Customer Delight and Customer Retention and Loyalty is: – Knowing who they are and giving them what they want.

So, you have had a month at your job as VPM. even as you’re still settling in, this month, your Focus is – Get to know your members.  This does NOT mean knowing their names, eMail address and telephone number. although those things are important, what it means is: –
1. Meet every member face to face, Skype call (see them) or at the very least a phone call;
2. Discuss and complete or update their Personal Profile;
3. Discuss and complete their Personal Development Needs;
4. Speaking Needs (pass this on to VPE);
5. Management Needs;
6. Leadership Needs; and
7. Short, Medium and Long-Term wish lists/needs with regards to what Toastmasters offers.

Then, with the VPE-plan on the Clubs Annual Spread Sheet, the assignments for that and every other member for the full year till end June 2019.
Once you have done this confirm their assignments for the full year with them -IN WRITING- (this is a personal Development Plan for EVERY Member and they sign and agree to it.)

Your next Focus point is- take an interest in them and their development.
You do this by: –
1. Calling EVERY member THAT DOES NOT ATTEND A MEETING – The Next Day
Mention that you missed them at the meeting /event
2. Ask if anything is wrong — LISTEN
3. Offer assistance where you can (Under Promise and Over Deliver)
4. If they missed an assignment by not being there – check when they can reschedule it with the VPE.
5. Say cheers and looking forward to seeing you at the next meeting.

This is Customer/Member Delight. Have fun and I will guarantee that if you follow these easy steps consistently your members will stay and become club champions and bring in more members to have the same WOW experience they have had. Go make history.

Adolph Kaestner DTM, PDG, SdPFA

D74 Club Coach Coordinator 2018/19