Leadership Opportunities – Seize the moment!

I was told that when I was in grade 1, I took over the class. Whilst the teacher was out I decided to take the chalk and I started teaching my classmates. I bet I thought if there is no one on stage I might as well do It! Funny story! Of course my teacher reported me to my parents, funny enough I don’t recall any punishment or the whole story! Was it because the adults knew ‘this is our leader?’

People say leaders are born whilst others say leaders are made! I believe leadership is about seizing the moment just as I did in grade 1 and ensuring it is done to the best standard. I have held various roles in Toastmasters and in each role I have done exceptionally well! Leadership is about setting the tone and ensuring everyone maintains the tone.

Being a leader in Toastmasters has assisted me to mature professionally and understand exactly what is expected of me. With DCP goals, area goals have helped to achieve my fullest potential and everything that is done well gets repeated and awarded. Standing in the hall of fame is the best moment in Toastmasters and enhances your commitment to do it again!
Being a leader has assisted me to rise to the occasion and gain confidence.

I had to pitch at Old Mutual Pvt Ltd for an opportunity to start a new club. It was my first time to present on such a platform. I was frightened and nervous as if I was presenting an Ice breaker. I had to remind myself that I am a leader now and I have to do this, how else will they be convinced if the leader can not present? All the prepared and impromptu speeches that I did in my club meetings were preparing me for this day. I sold Toastmasters on a silver platter and everyone was convinced! I am now committed to presenting and opening new clubs.

Being a leader has taught me to share my vision with my peers and show them how important it is and how beneficial it is to them personally. Working with and through people has gifted and coloured my success with stars! There is a reason why there is networking in Toastmasters. I have four people that worked with me in different scenarios that enabled my success. Two came from my area and the other two from different areas

James Chiumia – The Immediate past Area Director, to understand what he wanted to accomplish and taking it over from where he left off.

Robert Salijeni “deputy Area Director” I found my equal, a passionate Toastmaster who reached great heights through inspiration and shared my dreams for the Area, by helping implement the vision, because all I heard from him was consider it done! With synched goal orientation there is a new club in H1 after 15 years.

Thando Cofu “H4 AD” sometimes when the information has been sent and you have missed it she is there to remind or explain anything that I couldn’t really grasp! It is the first time for everyone to be an Area Director but among each other you get to understand the work if you ensure the communication lines are open, that’s the point of Toastmasters, communicate!

Andrew Tsuro “Mr Supporter” He made it very clear that Malawi was his focus area and being an A-team believer, he baptised me to believe that normal is not the goal. Do the unforgettable, the unachievable! The theme is #PeopleMakingHistory therefore you need to do something that has not been achieved, grow area H1, and get enough publicity for H1. “It is time for Malawi to shine” he said.

Who would have thought the grade 1 pupil can work, achieve goals with people, through people? Leadership is about so many things but I guarantee you that networking, listening and questioning has assisted me to be 1 of the fine leaders! Do not settle, explore and exhaust your whole mind on leadership and you will surprise yourself the way I surprised my grade 1 teacher!

Omega Mwanza

Area Director H1