Mentor/Mentee – Balaseng Majabane and Omaatla Leepo

I met my mentor DTM Baleseng Bobo Majabane in 2018, when I first joined Gaborone Toastmasters Club in Botswana. There was something unique about him that made me to trust him and allow him to help me in my Toastmasters journey. I am an introvert who never willingly participated in any anything at school. My mentor changed the game for me. He is making sure that I benefit from my Toastmasters experience. The two qualities that make our relationship stand out are;

  1. Trust and vulnerability: He believes in me at all times even when I am doubting myself and allows me to be me. I can open up about anything to him including my life outside Toastmasters.
  2. Patience: He has embedded in me the spirit of patience. “Aim to become your best self. Don’t compare yourself to anyone’s progress. Celebrate your own small successes. You are better than you were yesterday.” He is always encouraging me.

Besides the above, I am currently looking for an opportunity to grow in my leadership. I have completed the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) course and I am currently studying  ACCA on a part time basis. For any opportunity that might arise please contact me on +267 75170564