Mentor/Mentee – Edmore Gamundani and PDD Frank Tsuro

In 2005 I was introduced to Toastmasters by my first mentor, Professor Mufunani Khosa. The last day that I was a member of Toastmasters was when I attained my first DTM in 2013. Beyond that time Toastmasters has become a way of life. I have had so many mentors since then, so I had to throw a die to pick one. Frank Tsuro, DTM, PDD won the toss. When he joined Toastmasters, he was more of a mentee. Whatever I gave as his mentor I was banking because he then became my mentor and challenged me to attain my second DTM. Working through some of the speech projects, he would challenge me to do better with words like, “DTM this is not what you taught us”. He was part of the Guidance Committee for the High Performance Leadership LeadOn2.0 Online Conference that earned me my second DTM. I am grateful to him as a mentee turned mentor and the many mentors who continue to challenge me to push my boundaries on my life journey.