Mentor/Mentee – Nikki Quinn and Yanga Trillionaire

“I appreciate Nikki’s help and support and our weekly sessions.  She encourages me and helps me prepare better. Nikki also helped me to be generous and forgiving since I can be hard on myself and others. She also gives practical advice and shares her skills. She shows great integrity because what Nikki says, she does.” – Yanga Trillionaire

“Yanga first reached out to me offering help at the end of February, which she gave willingly and supported Gao Molebalwa and I a lot, as we hurtled towards online meetings. So, when Yanga asked me to mentor her when she was appointed as S1 Area Director, I was more than happy to work with this dynamic leader.I really appreciate Yanga, and we have a reverse mentoring relationship going here, Yanga offers me advise on videos & branding and I believe that a reverse mentoring process is the pinnacle of being amazing mentors.” – Nikki Quinn