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I want to make it easy

President “The Social Network Toastmasters Club” says Zoya “I want to make it easy!”



Zoya Mabuta – President of TSN

A newly launched Toastmasters club that has many differences to the normal meeting. They have a room for the kiddies so that parents can attend the meeting together, single parents can attend both knowing that their children are safe and taken care of.

This concept came about when Zoya was contacting club members to fill in the various roles for a particular meeting. In her call with Chipo Butayi to ask her if she would please be our Toastmaster for the evening. Zoya  had met Chipo at a Prepared Speaking Contest and she was FIRED up – the kind she knew she wanted for that evening.

Chipo agreed to be the Toastmaster and then hesitated – “I will have to check with my husband though because I’m not sure what we will do with the kids.” PAUSE!

Zoya knew exactly how Chipo felt –as a working mother, she had been in her shoes way more times than she could recall and it was always a difficult predicament. In that moment, I did what any salesperson would do and advised her “Chipo, no need to worry about that, we have organised a separate room for the kiddies. Bring your kids along to the meeting.” I could hear the simultaneous shock and relief in her voice and then she responded “thanks Zoya, I will be there!”

In her President’s Induction speech, Zoya said “I want to make it easy! I want to make it easy for us to be here, at each TSN meeting.” Borne from there was the idea to have a kiddies room for all our main meetings. To encourage parents to bring their little ones along and fuse parenting with personal development – guilt-free. Zoya said “My kids came to that meeting and it was amazing – even as the 1 year old chewed on the gavel during my Induction. 

Exposing our children to Toastmasters from a young age is a gift to them. I smiled to myself when the other day, Sedi, my 4 year old, said “Mummy Zoya, please can I come with you again to a Toastmasters meeting?” and I knew the seed of greatness had already been planted.

It’s a winning strategy no matter which way we look at it!



President: The Social Network (TSN) Toastmasters Club



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