On A Point – Focus Edition



 July 2017

Issue # 353

On A Point – Toastmasters Southern Africa – District Newsletter

Editor’s Note

Dear Members of District 74,

My name is Gerson, I am based in Windhoek, Namibia. I have recently accepted the call to serve Toastmasters Southern Africa as the Editor of the bi-monthly electronic newsletter, On A Point.

Going forward, you will receive this newsletter on the second and fourth Thursday of each month at around lunchtime. The newsletter will bring you news from the District Leadership, Division Leadership and Member Experiences of this great international organisation in Southern Africa.

As we all take on new leadership roles, start new communication projects, craft strategies to benefit our members, round off club officer’s trainings, and prepare for the international convention, I wish you an enjoyable and informative reading of this edition with the theme, FOCUS!

Kind regards,

Gerson Veundja Kamatuka, DTM – On A Point Editor

Focusing on goals

Setting goals is easier said than done.  I am trying to set my education goals for this coming year but have to bear in mind what is achievable.   We all have lives outside Toastmasters and need to maintain balance – this makes judging the time available for our goals tricky.  Some wise people argue that we should aim for the stars so that whatever we achieve will be spectacular, others that we should focus on what we believe is achievable.  There is value in both approaches.  I will be shooting for the stars, but only committing to that which I can cope with this year.

I encourage every member to look at the next six months and develop your own success plan – deciding on the achievable goals and setting the strategy to success.  This strategy should consider the opportunities available for the projects (e.g. when can you present speeches), the time required to prepare and the various demands on your time during that period.

You may want to discuss your plan with your mentor and the Vice President Education so they are able to schedule your assignments for the next 6 months.

Wishing you all the best and success in reaching your goals.

Keith Bowen, DTM – District Director

What your committee needs to focus on this month

Hopefully all club executive committees have already scheduled (if not already held) their first committee meeting for the year.  It is essential that excos are meeting (at least) monthly to ensure that club events are planned, goals established and members needs met.  The agenda for this first committee meeting should include:

  1. Member success plans (or Personal Development Plans) or whatever nomenclature you choose to cover members setting their goals;
  2. The Club success plan – incorporating the member plans into the club plan;
  3. Financial budget and approval of semi-annual dues fees for members.

Keith Bowen, DTM – District Director

ATTENTION: Club Treasurers

Today is a good day to send out your first reminder or invoice for SEMI ANNUAL DUES. Why so early ? 

  1. Many of us have just been paid;
  2. If members have cash, they will pay now; 
  3. If they have forgotten to budget for their dues, they will do now & pay next month;
  4. If they want to save up over 3 months for their dues; they can do that and pay 1/3.

Get your invoices out today & avoid panic in a couple of months.

Kind regards,

Nikki Quinn, DTM – Club Growth Director

The Smedley Award helps you Focus on your Club’s Success

Would you like to have energetic meetings? Would you like more bums on seats? Would you like members queuing at your door? 

Yes you do and yes you can! 

As a team, the Club Committee needs to get together and fill out the PR and Membership plan that was emailed to you. Not everything may be applicable to your club. Complete it, if you have not already done so and you will be planning the success of your club and most importantly meeting your member’s needs! Remember you can involve your club members who need to complete their CL project 6 “Organise a Club special event” or “Organise a Club Membership Campaign” or “Organise a PR Campaign for your club.” 

You never need to recover from a great start so let’s get going on creating a great start.

Would you like to win a R250 voucher for your club? Better still R500 ……to use to purchase anything from Districts stock such as manuals, ribbons, Toastmaster pins, or enjoy a discount on iCon, the Toastmasters conference in Cape Town in May 2018? 

Yes you can! How do you do this?

Help 5 new Toastmasters to start their journey by joining YOUR Toastmaster Club during August and September and your club will win a R250 Club Fitness Voucher………..

In addition to adding 5 new members, submit your club’s membership building and PR plan to Merryl Jubber pr@toastmasters74.org by 15 August 2017 and we will double that to a R500 voucher.

If you have questions please ask Nikki Quinn your Club Growth Director 2017/2018 on marketing@toastmasters74.org, or Merryl Jubber your District Public Relations Manager 2017/2018 on pr@toastmasters74.org. Alternatively your Division Director or  Area Director.

Please remember that as part of the internal PR for the District, our tireless editor puts together this publication, which is one way of retaining your members but, your members will only receive the publication if their email address is correct. It may be correct on your own internal mailing list BUT, is it correct on the Toastmasters International website? Unless the member or the Club Secretary has updated the original information that was uploaded from the member’s application the information will be incorrect.

This information being correct will become even more important when we change over to the Pathways system.


Nikki Quinn, DTM             Merryl Jubber, DTM

Club Growth Director       PR Manager

Have you reserved your seat?


Stop Planning! Focus on action! 

It is the beginning of the Toastmasters year and many of us are making plans to be successful. We are attending COT and we are inspired to grow our club’s membership and experience. The focus is on the plan. Planning is a good thing because those who fail to plan, plan to fail. We plan by setting goals but, goals don’t happen unless there is action!

The magic is in taking action. Many of us get caught up in the planning for a future that never seems to come. Bite your tongue before it can make another excuse. You can act this very moment! Nature doesn’t plan. Nature doesn’t analyze pros and cons. Nature does not lust after fame and reward. Nature simply acts. To take your club to the next level, you need to act. The beauty is in the action. When you marry intention with action; you create the cocktail for bubbling success. When you act, you are “expecting” your club to be successful. There is absolutely no room for uncertainty.

Stop planning and take action. Now!

Chris Adlam, DTM – Division D Director

My journey!

It is said, “If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far go together” ~ Unknown.

To come up with the final contest speech, a collection of individuals each had an input, some adding meat to a speech that almost started off as just a good skeleton. It was exciting witnessing the speech develop and how different perspectives from each evaluation worked together to refine it. I was privileged to have access to very helpful individuals who showed me the power of community.

I initially underestimated the amount of work required to prepare for a contest of that magnitude. However, once the speech structure was in place, all my focus was directed towards the delivery of the speech. I recited the speech over and over. As the magnifying glass tends to amplify what you focus on, I believe that focus helped my final delivery a great deal.

To summarise my journey in Toastmasters leading to the claiming of the District 74 Speech Championship, I would say it was one filled with great community and focus!

Fidell Muriritirwa – International Prepared Speech Contest Winner

Your satisfaction, our focus!

It is my utmost pleasure to be serving you this year as Program Quality Director. My role is to support your leadership team in creating the best club climate conducive for you to achieve your goal(s) in Toastmasters.  

I am privileged to have, already, a team of Toastmasters of varying experience (from less than 2 years to over 30 years in Toastmasters), from different parts of our district and all passionate about quality, ready to serve you Lean. Your satisfaction is our focus.

As they say, “Many hands make light work.” If you have a passion for quality and are interested in helping us succeed in promoting quality in any way to all our clubs across Southern Africa, I need your help!

One role in particular I need your help with is Member Retention Coordinator. S/he will be responsible for providing extra support to all clubs in increasing member satisfaction thereby increasing retention at each renewal period. 

Should you be interested in this and any other role, please reach out to me on email education@toastmasters74.org. I am looking forward to working with you.

Best regards,

Frank Tsuro, DTM – Program Quality Director