On A Point – Passion Edition

09 November 2017

Issue # 359

On A Point – Toastmasters Southern Africa – District Newsletter

Editor’s Note

Dear Members of District 74,

Passion! I am now sitting at home doing the final touches to this On a Point newsletter and the time on my laptop shows that it is 23:57! Such commitment would not be possible if I did not have a passion for Personal Development and Toastmasters!

According to John C Maxwell, ‘Passion gives you an advantage over others because one person with passion is greater then ninety-nine people who are just interested!”

Travel with me accross Southern Africa and experience the passion of Toastmaster members from our District 74.

Kind regards,

Gerson Veundja Kamatuka, DTM – On A Point Editor

Toastmasters Passion!

The dictionary definition of PASSION is “a strong and barely controllable emotion.” 
I don’t think the dictionary definition does real passion any justice, any justice at all. 
There is no doubt that PASSION is an incredibly strong, and sometimes uncontrollable emotion, imagine falling in love without passion, imagine not having any passion in your relationship and imagine not being passionate about the things you enjoy doing. 
I  see friends & family waking up at 5 am to go for a run or a cycle, and I wonder why …….  they’re passionate!!! I hear people saying they don’t need a holiday because they are passionate  about the work they do. I love my job,  I have worked at the same company for about 30 years, my passion for helping my clients succeed, is why I do it. 
I’m passionate about my family, and I love my partner with a great deal of passion. I’m also passionate about being a leader, helping other people grow and develop the skills that will help them be successful & passionate about what it is they do.
I encourage you to find what it is that you are really passionate about, whether its here at Toastmasters or not. When you find it you will do all you can to make it a success. when you do anything with passion, the results are so much better.

Nikki Quinn, DTM – Club Growth Director

Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion! – Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek is an author and inspirational speaker and a personal favourite of mine. This is one of my favourite quotes of his and often gets me thinking of my Toastmasters Journey.

I started my journey just over 25 years and I am often heard telling people that I am still a member of Toastmasters, not because I am a slow learner but because I have a passion for helping people improve their lives through the Toastmasters’ Programmes.

What I put into my Toastmaster’s journey never feels like hard work and is seldom stressful and that is because it is one of my passions.  There is no doubt that I am a better person, in a better mood and definitely more knowledgeable after every Toastmasters meeting.

Many years ago, Stanley Sabela from Sandton Toastmasters said “going to Toastmasters meetings is like doing a mini MBA because you always learn something”. Those words have often echoed in my head on my way to a meeting, looking forward to what I am going to learn. I am so grateful to Stanley for giving me “new eyes” when looking at Toastmasters.

Look at your next meeting with new eyes and either re-ignite your passion or increase your passion for your Toastmaster Journey.

Merryl Jubber, DTM – PR Manager

Want to grow your passion for leadership?

Ever wanted to learn more about Toastmasters and it’s structures? Want to grow your passion for leadership? Here’s an opportunity for you to be part of a ground-breaking leadership mentorship program where you will learn more about Toastmasters and how you can get the most out of it.

This program will be delivered over 4 months by some of our finest leaders across our District 74 and will involve training, mentorship and practical work.

If you are interested in growing your passion for Toastmasters and more so as a leader, please email me on talent@toastmasters74.org by Friday December 1.

Karen Levy-Strauss, DTM – Program Coordinator.

Reignite your passion for leadership

It seems like yesterday when we started a new Toastmasters year. Today we are fast approaching mid-year and some of our excitement and optimism waned by the realities of our roles. The beauty about Toastmasters is that we are an eternally positive and suppotive community and we won’t let you lose your passion.

Members of District 74, I would like to extend an invitation to you to join fellow leaders as we reflect and review the first six months of your Toastmasters year and reignite your passion for leadership. I promise, you will leave the venue more certain to achieve the goals you set for yourself this year. Save the date for an event near you.

I am looking forward to meeting you at your event.


Frank Tsuro – Program Quality Director

Be Passionate about Table Topics!

I left Toastmasters for years, because I was terrified of table topics. 

I wasted time, and missed out on opportunities!

My Top Ten Tips to take the pressure off:

Practice on your friends at home. 

Pretend that you are responding to a friend.

Breathe deeply before you start speaking.

Change the subject. 

Have a story in mind.

Make up a story.

You don’t have to answer the question directly.

There’s no right or wrong.  Talk about anything. Say ‘I have no idea.  But I am passionate about…’ Repeat the question (buys you time). You don’t have to make a speech, unless it’s a competition. 

You are having a conversation.

Sally Bosch, CC – Secretary: Highway Toastmasters Club

Clubs with Passionate Members!

As Steve Jobs once said “People with passion can change the world”, I will say, “members with passion can change the club”.

In the month of September we had two Club Fitness Rewards, Treasurer’s Excellence and Smedley Award. Well done to those passionate members who contributed to their clubs receiving these rewards.

Treasurer’s Excellence

Congratulations to the following Clubs that achieved the Treasurer’s Excellence Award. They paid semi annual dues for 20+ members by the 20th September:

4th Dimension

ABSA Sundowners


Dainfern Tigers

Diplomatic Corps

Executive Club

Florida Club

Forum Toastmasters

Golden Gavel Advanced Club

Grant Thornton Botswana

Highway Toastmasters

IST Toastmasters

Kloof Toastmasters

Kula Toastmasters

MAN Automotive

Midrand Club 

Old Mutual Harare

Pretoria 2000 Club

Pretoria East

Pretoria Ladies Toastmasters 

Republikan Toastmasters 

Rosebank Breakfast Club

Sandton Toastmasters

Taverners Club

The Grove Club


Two Oceans 

Village Toastmasters 

Winelands Toastmasters Club 

Smedley Award

Congratulations to the following Clubs that achieved the Smedley Award.  These clubs added 5+ new, dual or reinstated members between 1st August and 30th September 2017:

ABSA Talkers

Bank of Namibia

Diplomatic Corps

MBSA Toastmasters Club

Midrand Club


Pinelands Club

Randburg Toastmasters 

Rosebank Toastmasters Club

Sandton Toastmasters

SARB Toastmasters 

Table View Toastmasters Club 

The Social Network Toastmasters 

Transformers Toastmasters Club

Zambezi Club

Zivai Matondo, CC, ALB – Club Fitness Rewards Coordinator

A Passion for Toastmasters!

I signed up for Toastmasters in March this year to improve my public speaking skills. I am grateful every day for the opportunities the organisation, and my home club, Randburg Toastmasters in Johannesburg, has afforded me – it has ignited a passion for speaking I didn’t realise I had.

So much so, that when I recently had to present papers at two conferences I also decided to contact the local Toastmasters clubs and see if I could deliver speeches while in town. I was graciously hosted by two very passionate clubs: A.C.T. in Port Elizabeth and Cape Town Toastmasters.

Jyoti Singh, – VPPR: Randburg Toastmasters Club

Passion for the Paths that are crossed at Convention!

One of the joys of going to an International Convention, Toastmasters or not, is meeting new people, but when you meet new people who have a connection, it’s even more joyous. 


At the 86th International Convention in Vancouver, on the first day at lunch, I met two Toastmasters from Victoria, British Colombia, Raymond Ho & Darren Marr, pictured here with Keith Bowen DTM, our District Director . 


Darren Marr, was a member of the club that made Toastmasters international, the FIRST club in Canada, FIrst  Canadian Toastmasters. 


Two things about meeting Darren, made me feel even more joyous. 


Firstly, a member of First Canadian Toastmasters, Harry Olden, came to South Africa in 1950 and started our first club, Johannesburg Toastmasters club. I feel we all owe Harry, a huge thank you


Secondly, Darren talked about another man that many of the Toastmasters in Southern Africa owe a huge thank you to. Darren had the pleasure of meeting Joe Garmeson when Joe visited Canada. 


I look forward to meeting other Toastmasters from around the world who have a connection to somebody in South Africa 

Nikki Quinn

DTM Club Growth Director

Passion for the Club Emissary Program!

Congratulations to the following people who have passion for the club emissary program and have already qualified as the Club Emissaries for 2017/18!

5TH time Club Emissaries – Maroon Badge

Annien Smith                            Winelands

Ian Bratt                                    Benoni 

Karen Armour                           Modderfontein Breakfast

4TH time Club Emissaries – Blue Badge

Njabulo Thela                            KPMG                  


3rd time Club Emissaries – Blue Badge

Ruben Juries                              Vodacom Cape Town

Zahndri Prinsloo                         Transformers

2nd time Club Emissaries – Silver Badge

Sintu Tonjeni                                The Breakfast Club

Audrey Mphela                             4th Dimension

Kage Kgobero                              Eloquent Speakers

Tebogo Ramaahlo                       KPMG

Senate Leeuw                              WBS

Aldrige Vengesai                          Engineers              


1st time Club Emissaries – Silver Badge

Elizabeth Pereira                            Dainfern Tigers

Garth Thomson                              Deloitte Siyakhuluma

Matimu Manganyi                           Deloitte Siyakhuluma

Rick Raubenheimer                        Transformers

Thando Cofu                                   UWP

Lorraine Penduka                           Centurion Breakfast

Zani Smit                                        President

Marco Jacobs                                 Moving Forward 

Mutali Nemadzivhanani                  Nedbank 

Zoya Mabuto                                  TSN

Nomvula Ngongoma                      Highway

Alfred Deredzi                                Diplomatic Corps

Prudence Madzadzavara               Executive Club

Isabel    Macaullay                         KPMG (ZW)                       

A special thank you to Annien Smith, Ian Bratt and Karen Armour. They have supported the Club Emissary program from inception. Their passion for the program is exemplary!

Please note, if you have earned a badge and received it, you keep it until you have earned a different colour badge. For example, you keep the silver badge for two years, until you earn the blue badge.

When you have passion for the Club Emissary Program, you stand to win the following annual awards, presented at the District Induction Dinner:

Club Emissary of the Year Award

The Toastmaster who submits the highest number of reports submitted
2017/18 Leader: Prudence Madzadzavara

Club Emissary Hospitality Award

The most visited club in the year.

2017/18 Leader Champions Toastmasters Club

Most Club Emissaries Award

Club with the highest number of emissaries.

2017/18 Leader (3-way tie) Deloitte Siyakhuluma, KPMG and Transformers

Top Five Club Emissaries Award

Emissaries with the highest count of reports submitted:

Prudence Madzadzavara

Alfred Deredzi

Audrey Mphela

Nomvula Ngongoma

Mutali Nemadzivhanani

To keep the passion going, I plan to publish the Club Emissary Leaders board every quarter.

For more information about the Club Emissary Program, please contact me at emissaries@toastmasters74.org

Njabulo Thela, DTM – Club Emissary Program Coordinator

Passionate about people, leadership and Toastmasters!


This is my Toastmasters group. There are many Toastmaster groups like this, but this one is mine.

Three (3) weeks after I strolled into my current job, I found myself in a room surrounded by a set of fascinating people from all walks of life. These individuals each with their own story to tell wanted to give me the best possible jumpstart to my new life, career and wisdom. All they wanted from me was to succeed and better my life and those around me.

I now find myself in a presidential position within the club where I ensure each and every individual that walks through that Toastmaster’s door has an even better experience than I did.

Garth Thomson, CC, ALB – President: Deloitte Siyakhuluma Toastmasters Club

Passion as an Ingredient to Success!


Have you ever wondered why some people repeatedly do something  no matter how daunting  it is?
It is the ingredient called ‘PASSION’ that drives successful people. Passion is a key ingredient to success in your Toastmasters journey! Passion for other members, non members , leaders , projects and every challenge that comes with it.
DTM Frank Tsuro, three years ago , evaluated my CC5 project for the third time! It wasn’t only painful that I was failing to move to the next project.It taught me to develop a passion of mastering every objective in the manuals! To date I have completed three CC awards because of the Passion to learn, retake and  exhibit the best. Cultivate your passion ,the ingredient to success!

Fungai Mtisi, ACG, ALB – Area Z5 Director