How to Plan an Open House Event

When is your open house?

Start planning early for the best results. Here are some ideas to help you have the best one yet:

1- Organize a committee:

  • ◦Find out who in your club needs a CL project
  • ◦Organize or Help organize club special event
  • ◦PR campaign – chair or help with
  • ◦Membership contest
  • ◦Befriend a guest at a meeting

2- Get all members involved

  • ◦Share the plan
  • ◦Review the moments of truth standards – these are found in your Club Leadership Handbook
  • ◦All members greet guests
  • ◦Arrange a fun themed meeting – all meeting roles filled in advance
  • ◦Invite a testimonial speaker 5-7 minute speech

3- Promote the event

  • Annual Toastmasters Day
  • Flyers – distribute to members to post in the community or at their workplace
  • Social media, Facebook,
  • Local papers – press release, article

4- Arrange for reception committee

  • Have lots of guest kits made in advance
  • Ask Guests to arrive 30 minutes earlier, so that you can share a glimpse of the meeting and understand what they are looking for
  • Ask guests how they found out about the meeting
  • Introduce both guests and members (30 seconds why they joined)

5- At the meeting

  • ◦Have an easy fun table topics session, invite guests to try (ask them first)
  • ◦Have an experienced member deliver the open house Powerpoint (download below)
  • ◦Hold a special session for guests (VPM) during the break – explain the benefits of joining your club and answer questions

Measure your results

  • ◦Process memberships promptly
  • ◦Follow-up with guests
  • ◦Invite guests to future meetings by phone or email

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