Reconnect with Members

Compliments of the season. A new year, is a good time to reflect on the previous year and re-evaluate your goals. What goals would you like to achieve on 30 June 2019, when the current Toastmasters year ends?

The members of your club, are probably doing the same-reflecting and evaluating their goals. For this month, I encourage you to reach out to each member of your club and reconnect with them. Find out how they are doing and how they are finding their Toastmasters journey? Are there any specific challenges they are facing? Do they need any help? You could even start a birthday list and each month, ensure that the club acknowledges members birthday. Members are gold. Let’s serve with excellence.

 It is important for our members to feel like they belong and that we care about them. They also need to continue seeing value from the Toastmasters program. When you lead by example and pursue your own goals, your members will be inspired and follow suit. Connecting with them and celebrating their birthday will also assist. All the best for the last six months of your term as Club Secretary!

#Lets Make History

Njabulo Thela