Special announcement – Vacancies for Coordinators

Holding a role as a District Co-ordinator is an incredible experience and gives our members opportunities to learn & develop their leadership skills, the Program Quality Team has 2 role vacancies & encourages members to apply for these positions, by emailing Nikki Quinn, education@toastmasters74.org

TLI (Toastmasters Leadership Institute) Chairman

Chair the TLI Training Panel
Responsible for organizing
DOT( District Officer Training)
COT(Club Officer Training)
Additional TI Module Training.
Chair the TLI Advisory Board

Develop training programmes, using material from TI, to fill identified needs, particularly for the training of District and Club officers in line with Distinguished District requirements;
For TLI Trainers, every aspect of training seminars; conduct training sessions, especially “From Speaker to Trainer”.

Pathways Co-ordinator

Help & support Club Officers & Members in adopting Pathways
Develop additional training that maybe needed on Pathways
Liase with past Pathways Guides, Division & Area Directors to identify opportunities to support clubs in adopting Pathways

Nikki Quinn DTM

Program Quality Director