This is Levels!

Vice Presidents Education, congratulations to everyone of you, you have helped and supported our members in achieving their personal development goals….
Do you know that:

  • 1250 Educational Awards have been registered this Toastmasters year by over 700 members in 165 clubs 
  • This is already 200 more  awards than last year & we have 2 months left 

This is an incredible achievement for you & our members, huge appreciation goes out to you from us all. 

  • Well over half of these awards are Pathways, did we ever think that we would get this far on Pathways?

Please continue to support your members in achieving their personal goals & the district in upholding our mission of supporting all clubs in achieving excellence. Let’s all have continued success  
I am a #proudtoastmaster & we are #peoplemakinghistory – I know you are too.

Nikki Quinn, DTM

Program Quality Director – Southern Africa