Presentation skills tip – Become your own audience!

“How horrible does this man sound? Look at how he moves on stage!”

Those were the first few remarks I exclaimed after I recorded myself for the first time ever. My voice was horrible, the gut-churching gestures – who calls themselves an Advanced Communicator Gold speaker and does that on stage?  That was a light-bulb moment in my career as a speaker. Recording my speeches and reviewing them has been an impactful part of improving my public speaking.

I learnt the power of becoming your own audience.

The recording device will not lie, nor miss anything. It will show the slightest of mistakes and your unwanted habits.  I would encourage you to start recording your speeches and reviewing them after speaking. Identify your mistakes, that few evaluators take note off. Identify your strengths which you may need to capitalize on. Identify the style of speaking which makes it most ideal.

How can you start?

  • Do you have a smart device? (A phone, tablet, or camcorder)
  • Take it with to every meeting
  • Consider buying a lapel microphone which you can connect to a device for better sounding.
  • Get a tripod stand for your phone/camcorder and start recording.

“How horrible does this man sound…?” says me, no more. I love the way I speak and look on stage!

I have used the filming of my previous speeches to better my next speeches. I have learnt the power of becoming my audience and it has had a better impact of other audiences. When will you become your own audience?


Article by:

Andrew Tsuro, DTM

Public Relations Manager