For Members

The Club Emissary

  • This programme encourages members to visit other clubs, which will offer a learning experience for both the Emissary and the club visited.

    What’s in it for Members?

    • New ideas to bring back to your own club to keep the excitement strong.
    • New opportunities to participate as a speaker or other meeting functionaries.
    • New friends! Why wait for an Area or Division contest to meet new people?
    • Discover a world beyond the club level.

    What will the visited Club gain?

    • Cross pollination of ideas.
    • The Emissary may become a dual membership in your club.
    • You may learn or teach a new tool for holding quality club meetings.

    What Will the Emissary earn?

    Visit 10 clubs or more per year and submit club visit form:

    • Emissary Pin

    What will the most visited Club earn?

    • The Club will be recognised in the Hall of Fame

    What will the Club with the most member Emissaries earn?

    • The Club will be recognised in the Hall of Fame

    How to complete a Club Emissary Visit

    STEP 1
    Find a club that you’d like to visit that fits your schedule — the club does not have to be in your Area, your Division or even District 74!

    STEP 2

    • You cannot be a member of the club you are ‘visiting’
    • Nor have been a member in the past year
    • Area Directors are required to visit the clubs in their respective areas, therefore they cannot earn credit for visiting their assigned clubs. They CAN earn credit for visiting clubs in adjacent areas within their Divisions and beyond.
    • To become a club emissary, will have to visit a club and submit a completed emissary form.

    STEP 3

    • Verify meeting date/time/location;
    • If you wish to participate in the meeting, ask to be placed on the agenda or ask if you can perform a meeting role (or you can just show up).

    At the meeting:

    • Observe
    • Participate
    • Take notes – just as you would in your own club.

    STEP 4
    Then submit this electronic form: