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Corporate Relationship Manager


Functional Role title* Corporate Relationship Manager
Toastmasters Role Co-ordinator Role


Links to structures

Role function* Corporate Support
Role reports to* This is a co-ordinator role reporting into the Corporate Relationship Managers Lead, who in turn reports into the Club Growth Director



Role Responsibilities:
  • The Corporate Relationship Manager is an experienced Toastmaster and employee of the specific Corporate within District 74.
  • The purpose of this role is to develop strong multi-year relationships with key business executives, Learning and Development Teams, club committees and club members
  • Relationship Managers play a trusted adviser role to answer club committee queries related to how the corporate has overcome internal barriers and challenges to meet Toastmaster’s requirements.
  • Relationship Manager shares best practice between corporate clubs and builds a standard of excellence aligned with Moments of Truth.
  • Relationship Managers identify new club opportunities within their corporate irrespective of geographical boundaries.
  • In this role, the Relationship Manager will liaise with cross-functional internal teams (including other corporate clubs, Area, Division and District Leaders).
  • Trains a Successor to assist or take over the role.
Role criticality Strategically Important
  • Role terminates should the incumbent resign from the organisation
  • 2-3 years to create longevity in relationships


Key Responsibilities

Output group 1 Serve as the lead Contact for all clubs within the corporate they work for (does not include club specific business between Area, Division and District leaders)
Outputs and measures
  • Together with ALL Club Committees develop a communication strategy for inter-club and District engagements
  • Together with ALL Club Committees develop a PR Plan for the Corporate to ensure common standards of excellence
  • Build and maintain strong, long-lasting relationships with Toastmaster’s Leadership and Business Sponsors
  • Develop trusted advisor relationships with key club, business executives and members
  • Mentor and Coach Club Committees in their Corporate on building strong long-lasting relationships
  • Clearly communicate the progress of monthly/quarterly initiatives to internal and external stakeholders
  • Becomes the point of contact for District if the Operational Communication between District and a club within the corporate fold.


Output group 2 Forecast and track Distinguished Club Status for all clubs within the Corporate fold
Outputs and measures
  • Monitor the progress of all the clubs in the Corporate Fold
  • Play a mentorship/coaching role to overcome challenges and build sustainability
Output group 3 Be a thought leader, advisor and ambassador on Educational and Operational Matters related to Toastmasters
Outputs and measures
  • Enhance Toastmasters brand value within the Corporate environment and shape thought leadership to align Toastmaster’s Educational Programme to meet member and corporate Communication and Leadership needs
  • Monitor and share best practices between Corporate Clubs.
Output group 4 Provide oversight and manage the Governance and Risk frameworks for Club Sustainability
Outputs and measures
  • Assist clubs to get Semi-Annual Dues paid on time.
  • Provde guidance and advice on how to engage with procurement processes to ensure compliance to policies and fast track payments
  • Provide guidance and advice to struggling clubs to build membership and build brand value for Toastmasters with the corporate



Qualifications & Experience

  • Minimum of 1-year Toastmaster’s experience
  • Attended at least 2 Club Officer Training Sessions
  • Preferably served as an Area Director
Toastmaster’s qualification Lead by example and be registered in the Pathways Educational Programme


Behavioural Competencies

 1 Communicate: Demonstrable ability to communicate, present and influence key stakeholders at all levels of an organization, including executive and C-level Leadership Teams
 2 Team collaboration –Corporate Relationship Managers work closely with club committees, Division and Area Leaders, business stakeholders and other Toastmasters, so they should be able to effectively collaborate and coordinate with these teams
 3 Relationship management – this role requires experience with building and maintaining lasting relationships with a wide range of clients. Corporate Relationship Managers should be responsive and accessible to maintain a high level of stakeholder satisfaction
 4 Analytical thinking & Problem Solving – this role also requires excellent analytical skills to evaluate current club environments and make recommendations to drive member satisfaction and maximum return on investment for the corporate.
 5 Networking – Corporate Relationship Managers also need to effectively communicate and network with other professionals through phone calls, emails, and industry events