Bleeps and Blunders – “Hypnotic stitches”

I love Toastmasters. One of the major reasons is that I always learn new things about myself. Some of the hidden talents that were long buried in me, just always seem to emerge everytime I deliver a speech. I have seen my confidence rise behind my voice and make me comfortable enough to address any crowd.

One talent that really shocked me was my sense of humour. I never knew I could be funny or even make anybody laugh. But it so happened that when I was doing my CC#9 busy trying to persuade with power, I found my audience in hypnotic stitches. Everybody was laughing so hard that I ended up laughing as well. In fact I laughed so hard that I ended up walking out of the stage without finishing my speech because I could not contain myself.

That day changed me. Accepting and acknowledging that I have a sense of humour was a game changer for me. Now I am able to appropriately incorporate my humour in my speeches. I am able to control my laughter and that of my audience with confidence. All thanks to Toastmasters, a friendly and supportive environment. Everyday with Toastmasters is a learning experience of self discovery.

Thato Raphael