Bleeps and Blunders – Procrastinator Club

So here is a funny story about Toastmasters and Toastmasters Members like myself…. which proves that I am not a “procrastinator”, (I am just extremely productive at un-important things.)

Now here is the issue. Linda? , our OAP Editor, asked me to write an article for the OAP about an embarrassing incident that may have happened in context of Toastmasters and a lesson I may have learnt from it. Mmmm. Well, here’s the awkward confession… I decided to do it, tomorrow...And that was 3 x weeks ago!

Every single day since Linda asked me, I planned to do it, later.
Now we have reached our deadline and it’s time to produce the article.

Is that not typical of some of us members, as we pursue our DTM’s and our Pathways projects. We intend to do our Speeches and our Projects but “tomorrow is another day” – right.

Here are the 6 stages of Procrastination:

  1. False security
  2. Laziness
  3. Excuses
  4. Denial
  5. Crises


My last thought on this matter and a bit of friendly advice:

NEVER start a “Procrastinators” Toastmasters Club, because ALL the meetings will be postponed!

Shaun Wilkinson DTM