Editor’s note – Celebrate

Celebrating our small victories is something we overlook time and time again. My birthday has always been important to me because my parents made sure none of my siblings were mean to me on that day. They had to celebrate something good about me even if it meant celebrating helping them find a lost hat in the lost and found basket at school. It taught me to be kind to myself.

My birthday is in October, the same month we celebrate Toastmasters birth. I reflect, celebrate and set new goals for the year. My year starts on my birthday and ends on the eve of my birthday. I am eternally grateful to Ralph Smedley for starting Toastmasters. Some of us would have faded, and disappeared and felt irrelevant in the world because of lack of self confidence.

My goals for the coming year are to speak once a month and mentor as many members as time will allow me. Let’s spread the word about Toastmasters, share the newsletter with your friends and family. Some article may inspire and encourage someone to join and benefit from the programme.

Don’t forget to celebrate, when you make it to that meeting against all odds, when you take up that role, present that speech and offer yourself to become a servant leader. Mistakes are your best teacher. Be kind to yourself.

Linda Chimanikire DTM