If it is worth doing, it is worth doing well. 

When I was a little girl my parents often used to say these words to me. But what does it mean? It is about commitment, and it means that if you make a commitment, you should commit wholeheartedly & do your absolute best to ensure that you deliver on the promise you made.

So when I was little I was always motivated at school and every single year, we would set objectives for my class marks & when I was at junior school that was often to be “top of the class” and sometimes I was & occasionally I was not. My parents always forgave me  & continued to support me. When I got to high school things got much much tougher, but every year we set goals, and as I got close to finishing high school, things were not quite as easy as we had hoped. 

When I finished high school, my parents were VERY VERY pleased that I finished off with two distinctions, so was I !!!!  But they were not pleased when I informed them that I was not yet prepared to go to university – I needed a break.

I’m sure you can imagine that some tough discussions followed but eventually they agreed that if it was worth doing it was worth doing well, and If I had gone to university I would not have done well at that time. 

I’ve stuck with this mantra in my head ever since, and whilst I’m encouraging you all to take #onestepforward I would also encourage you to hear  my parents words “If it is worth doing, it is worth doing well.” … and taking #onestepforward is very worth doing & it is very worth doing well. 

I am committed to serving you members of District 74 & I will continue to do it as well as I can, because it is worth doing welll 

PS : Four years later I did decide that it was time toI study & I went on to study Marketing & Economics & I did it well. 

Nikki Quinn – DTM