Editors Post- Power of Completion

According to the universal calendar November is the penultimate month of the year. December is full of festivities. You are looking forward to a restful holiday in December; it’s been a good year. Maybe you can’t wait for the year to end, it was a tough year. Exams will be over and it will be time to have fun.

In Toastmasters, December is our half year month, a time to reflect on the goals set in July. What goals did you achieve? What stopped you if you did not meet your desired goals. As for me I can tell you fascinating stories, laden with excuses as to why I did not meet some of my Toastmasters goals. In the same breath I can hang my head in shame, as I could easily have recovered if only I had consciously made an effort to lead myself.

Jeff Olsen in his book The Slight Edge talks of the power of completion. My understanding is, if you have incomplete situations and goals, they constantly draw you back to the past hindering your progress. You expend a lot of energy thinking about it and going back to see where you left off to restart.

Congratulations to all those who have met their goals and are on track to complete them by 31 December. For those who struggled, don’t gather dust or despair, find a mentor and harness the power of completion.Alternatively learn to lead yourself if necessary. After all Toastmasters is where leaders are made.

Linda Chimanikire DTM

OAP Editor