Did you Know? – First cut is really deep!

Because my first cut was the deepest!

Believe me, it is true; ‘the first cut is the deepest!’

I too had my first cut on the 4th of July 2015.  I remember so vividly how it went down, how I felt being in the moment! That evening broadened my view of what I was part off!

Did you know that we have had such evenings each year in July. The “District Dinner” or recently known as the “Year End Hall of Fame & Executive Induction” has been a highlight of my years as a Toastmaster. On the 14th of July, I had the opportunity to bring that experience to you! What a night, Toastmasters know how to clean up and look good! As I saw people enter through the red carpet reception with Zoya Mabuto, two by two, in their gorgeous gowns and some with their black tux and bow ties, it was like watching the bold and the beautiful!

The evening proceedings were flawless with Lloyd Mugabe as the meticulous MC. The Hall of Fame, my favourite of all time, was a true depiction of the #PeopleMakingHistory in our community. However, what is more memorable for me personally was the incredible installation ceremony by the fabulous Fran Fraser. Then the spectacular speech by my brother, the District Director, Frank Tsuro DTM!

Some of the pictures from the evening can be found here.
I thought of my friends who were not able to attend, and I will have the full footage by 1 August on our YouTube channel. Ensure you subscribe.

Now that you know what we had, don’t miss the next one! Here’s whats coming up:

Annual Toastmasters Day on Wednesday 1 August. Where ever you are, wear your Toastmasters badge and pin with pride and share your Toastmasters journey and experience with pride. Use the hashtag #ProudToastmasters for this on all social media platforms.


“If you know something good and you don’t share it, the Chinese say you are evil!”


Andrew Tsuro, DTM

Public Relations Manager – Southern Africa