Did you know about Club Coaching?

Is Club Coaching and Rescue the Toughest Leadership Challenge in Toastmasters?

For the past 36 years as a Toastmaster and being involved in every sector of the organisation I have maintained that the two toughest jobs in Toastmasters is – 1st being the VPE and 2nd being the Sergeant at Arms.
I am starting to think otherwise (just a little mind you). Whilst those two management and leadership functions are core to the success of any club, as D74 Club Coach Coordinator this year, I believe that Coaching and Rescuing a club in trouble may well be the most challenging and toughest job in TM. But undoubtebly the most satisfying and rewarding of the lot.

When a club is in what we call “intensive care” that is when a club has 12 or less members. Part of my role is, together with the club and our Club Growth Director, Merryl Jubber DTM, is to appoint a Club Coach. The job of the Club Coach is to nurse the club back to health.

There is a club near you that needs a coach!!

Merryl Jubber DTM, our D74 Club Growth Director, got me out of retirement and asked me to see how we could help clubs in District to be rescued and revived. This was no small task, however we have appointed over 30 coaches for 24 Clubs that needed help. Many of these clubs are back on track and will be Distinguished by the end of this Toastmaster Year. But there are still many clubs that need dedicated, passionate and committed Toastmasters to help them. If this describes you then please contact me at adolph@adolph.co.za or 082 493 9093 for more information.

In addition to finding and appointing new Club Coaches, Merryl has also organised and co facilitated a monthly club coach webinar (on Third Monday of every month from 6 – 7) where we discuss new ideas and successes (and challenges) the club coaches are experiencing. Not satisfied with all that, Merryl has also been driving me to complete a workshop for Club Coaches that will equip them with the additional skills they need to learn to enable them to work through the tough situations they encounter in many of the ailing clubs. Watch the social media platforms and your inbox for the invite.

We acknowledge the 17 Club Coaches that have rescued clubs in the past year – you are the unsung heroes – thanks for giving of your Knowledge, Skill and Energy

Adolph Kaestner – DTM PDG