District 74 Awards Nominations

What gets recognized, gets repeated.

The call for the 2018/19 District 74 Awards nominations was published on Monday 25 February 2019. The nominations started flooding in, almost instantly. This is fantastic! I really look forward to seeing more Toastmasters being recognised for their exceptional service.

Have you recognised the PeopleMakingHistory in your circles? Do you know all the different awards up for grabs? Visit this page https://toastmasters74.org/hall-of-fame-form/ to nominate deserving Toastmasters. The closing date for nominations is 25 March.

I would like to share a few insights about the awards process.

1) Check the criteria
Each award has a set criterion. The voting panel use this criterion to select the winning Toastmaster. Therefore, please carefully consider the criteria and ensure that you nominate a candidate that is eligible and qualifies for that award.

2) Carefully craft your motivation
Please ensure you spend enough time providing evidence that you nominated candidate meets the minimum requirements for that award. The voting committee relies heavily on this information. Please spend enough time supplying information demonstrating how your nominee performed against the set criteria. Be specific and thorough.

3) Ensure you are eligible to nominate for that category
For each award, please ensure that you are in fact eligible to nominate for that category.
For an example, only District Coordinators and District Council Members (All members of District 74 Council Cabinet, Division Directors, Area Directors, Club Presidents and Vice Presidents Education) can nominate for the following categories:

• Area Director of the Year
• Bright Spark
• Division Director of the Year
• Golden Goose
• ICSA Administrator’s

After this article, I expect the quantity of nominations to skyrocket and each of those nominations to be of the highest quality, adhering to the criteria and with plenty of detail to justify each nomination. Please continue to recognise the myriad of #PeopleMakingHistory.

Njabulo Thela DTM

Administration Manager – District 74