District Chief Judge Position

The position of District Chief Judge is open and we would like anybody who would be interested in taking up this role to email education@toastmasters74.org.

The District Chief Judge needs to have an intimate knowledge of the Toastmasters International rule book. Any disputes arising from Club, Area and Division Contest will be brought before the Chief Judge.

The role of a chief judge is NOT to judge any of the contestants. No, as Toastmasters International describes role of the chief judge is to appoint and advise the judges, counters, timers, and tiebreaking judge. The chief judge also conducts the judges’ briefing before the contest, collects the time record sheet from the timers, collects the ballot from the tiebreaking judge, handles protests, and delivers the list of winners to the contest chair at the end of the contest.

The District Chief Judge will be the Chief Judge for all three contests at our annual RoyalCon so your availability for this weekend is essential for filling this role.

I look forward to receiving your applications.

Merryl Jubbar