Editors Note Everything little bit counts

I was the Toastmaster of the day at our engineers club meeting  on Tuesday. One of the guests Prescious introduced herself. She was on her way home when she noticed our sign post outside the gate where our club hosts our meeting.She recalled a colleague had spoken about Toastmasters and its benefits but had no idea where this organisation could be found.She enquired and was led to our meeting room where our SAA had already set up. The SAA persuaded her to stay for the meeting even if it was for a few minutes. She enjoyed herself so much she stayed for the whole meeting.She was lamenting how each time at work people are asked to volunteer to visit clients, she desperately wants to say yes but she can’t because she is not confident.

Our club is great at making use of all our branding material and we guard them jealously. I remember we had a fundraising initiative to purchase the banner, lectern and outside sign post. At some point the sign post was lost and there was frantic efforts to replace it. Each time I see this sign post, I always wonder…who really reads these sign posts. It took effort from the members to buy it and the SAA  to make sure every meeting it goes where its supposed to be.

Now I know who reads sign posts..Prescious. She found Toastmasters, the organisation she has been looking for, that will hopefully help her see the world with a different perspective, a confident one.