Leadership opportunities – ICU to I See You

2018 – 2019 is year to remember for me, not because I participated in the speech contest for our Area (Z3) and emerged the winner in the Evaluations category, but rather I witnessed and helped my club ZCAS( Zambia Chartered Accountants Students) become President’s distinguished.

Our club was on hardly surviving when I took over as president (2017-2018). We managed to at least pull through and after my term was over, I volunteered to be the club VPE. I had shared with the president elect my plan as a VPE. We ensured that we had enrolled most if not all members onto the pathways platform.

It was important that a buy in from all members was secured and that they pledged to give their speeches. We had distributed all the 6 points that a club can earn through meeting educational goals. Today I can say as I step down as a VPE, I am proud to say all members in the club had an opportunity to deliver their speech and to practice their leadership skills.

Besides being VPE, I had a responsibility as Immediate Past President (IPP) to ensure that I support the club in becoming distinguished. Not only did we become distinguished, we ended the year as a Presidents distinguished club with all 10 DCP goals met. As Stanley Tembo (former Pathways Ambassador) puts it, we are legendary.

How did we turn our fortunes around?

We believed strongly in team work, and because of that, we did not lollygag around our projects. As a club, we were at one point in the Intensive Care Unit but, we persevered, set our eyes on the target and everyday I would say to the DCP goals, I SEE YOU and indeed I have seen them.

Lesson’s learnt.

Leadership requires the highest level of sacrifice, supporting and believing in the person leading you.

At times we were at loggerheads as a team, yet we saw beyond the conflict and learnt how to tolerate each other’s personalities. Our moments of truth where the best and I will miss them.

Our greatest weapons was and is still team work, remaining resolved and ensuring that we take away our titles and call ourselves a family.

Personally, I owe my success to the people that believed in me and entrusted me with positions. AD Nene gave me an opportunity to be her assistant AD for our Area, team ZCAS especially Mwape, Stanely, Olivia and Joe, even at my lowest you still believed in and supported me.

I will end by saying trust in your team mates, learn to accept conflict and correction, serve because of passion and not position.



Chizanda N Nyirongo
ZCAS Toastmasters Club Zambia