In Honour of O.U.R. Con Convener – Makgahlela Talana

Do you have any idea what it takes to organize a Toastmasters conference? It is probably the busiest, most stressful assignment I personally have EVER been involved in. 

Makgahlela Talane is a new member of Toastmasters, but she has an incredible work ethic, passion & energy. 

Her team members loved her; Richard Francis said “Having Makgahlela Talane as Team Leader for O.U.R. Con was an absolute pleasure. She was proactive, she engaged instead of telling us what to do, she heard everyone’s opinion and then was able to make the correct decisions and she brought her unique talents and passion to the table. I know that the conference and the team was a success because of her leadership and guidance” 

Zahndri Walker said “I really enjoyed working with Makgahlela as part of the organizing committee for O.U.R. Con in May 2019. She took over as the head of the organizing committee with no hesitation and from that moment onwards she was fully committed to seeing O.U.R Con through to the end. Makgahlela listened, she encouraged and she supported me in my role without reserve. 

It was a real pleasure working with Makgahlela and I am convinced that she has grown significantly as a person and as a Toastmaster. Being the head of the District 74 conference organizer is a tough assignment. I admired Makgahlela for her determination and resilience. 

Well done and congratulations. 

– Only at Toastmasters. Where Leaders are made –

Nikki Quinn DTM

Program Quality Director