Member Moment – My why

I am a recent Economics graduate and an aspiring Development Economist. I am keen on learning and developing into a professional in Development Economics. I wish to make an impact through formulating and implementing community development initiatives that will help to create a strong and vibrant society and economy.

My passion for Economics was developed during the hyperinflation period of 2008 in Zimbabwe. Hyperinflation dragged along with it many economic and social problems. All these economic problems have impacted on human development negatively.

Because of the growing enthusiasm and passion in Economics, it was not difficult to choose an undergraduate degree program to pursue at university. It was during this period of my career when I envisioned major positive economic shifts driven by massive community development initiatives. To translate this vision into reality, I decided to join leadership and civic society institutions in order to improve my community development insights. I was convinced that this would indeed bring about the experience that would make the walk easy. Most importantly, I was sure that the experience would improve my community development ideas and give me a better picture of civic society activities. In September 2018, I joined Toastmasters and in February 2019 I joined Tariro House of Hope (a children’s home in Epworth) as a volunteer.

As a Toastmaster, my journey so far has paid in spades. I have become a better communicator and leader. The leadership and communication skills I have attained have played an important role in helping to resolve complex problems and most importantly craft better innovations that address the difficult problems that arise in day to day activities. Throughout my four years of undergraduate studies I enjoyed a brilliant era of my life in which I learnt the fundamentals of economics and various skills of business and finance.

However, the missing part has been the Toastmasters experience. Toastmasters has made me a complete leader and I feel I am ready to embark on a life long journey of changing lives through civil society efforts that are aimed at giving birth to strong and vibrant communities throughout the country. I will continue my endeavours with Toastmasters and I am optimistic of a massive success story.

Toastmasters offers a platform for individual growth through the various leadership roles that are available to the members. I have been elected the Vice President Education at Champions Club (Harare) for the period running from January 2019 to June 2019. This position will help me to develop leadership qualities that are necessary for the community development journey that I have embarked on. I will continue my voluntary work with Tariro House of Hope and I hope to influence massive growth of the organisation.

My own introspection based on published literature tells me that community leaders are in short supply in the world especially in the context of a less developed nation like Zimbabwe. In order to change the prevailing economic situation, we need leaders with excellent leadership prowess and Toastmasters is the place where leaders are made.

Lawrence Peter

Champions Club Zimbabwe