Member Moments – I only wanted to learn English!

My intention on joining Toastmasters in November 2017 was to practice speaking English.
I soon figured out that being a member of KULA Toastmasters club there was more to just practicing English. I had an opportunity to share experiences with other members. I was learning how to present in front of an audience without fear. There was opportunity for me to learn to become a leader.

Now I can truly say I can present a speech without fear and I am moving forward in a good way.
I have presented my CC2 and my objective is to do CC10 by end of this year. I have been taking up top table roles and I am learning a lot by doing that. For me being in a Toastmasters meeting is part of my Agenda. I have learnt to respect time and being on time for meetings at work.

I consider myself a completely different person and for sure I am still learning how to influence people in a good way, with respect, treat others with humility and help other people. I have learnt to listen to others without interrupting them.

It is interesting to be in Toastmasters because being a member has also taught me a lot, not only in terms of my leadership at work, but in general, my personal life at home too.

I am very happy to be a member of KULA club.

Amelia Sitoe