Mentoring Moments

Aletta Rochat once said you should accumulate as many mentors as possible, each an expert in a particular skillset excelling at. She didn’t quite say it like this, but you get the gist?!

I thought it was going to be quite difficult to get surrounded by such experts ready to help you when you needed it. But in fact, when you put in the effort and seen to be trying to succeed, then such experts are more willing to help you. People like to help you if you try hard. And suddenly you find yourself surrounded by willing skilled mentors.
Recently, I completed my DTM, (you probably already know that because there is nothing Andrew Tsuro doesn’t say that isn’t heard!) and along the journey I have been privileged to ‘acquire’ so many skilled mentors to help me.
I can’t really pick one mentor who is memorable above all others, because each in my mind has played such a valuable part in my toastmaster career….

Laurence Newman is my toastmaster club mentor. A highly experienced long serving member who has helped me succeed as a club officer.

David Preece is my evaluation and speech mentor. A highly skilled speaker and mentor, giving me valuable honest feedback in my speeches and learning from him how to be a better evaluator

Sandra Cooper who has a proven unswerving ability as a cabinet leader, seems to find the words to get me to put in the hours to produce high quality output. She is my team mentor, knowing how to work in a team.
Aletta Rochat, my motivation mentor. You can’t be a leader without knowing something about motivating yourself and others.

Keith Bowen who has been my cabinet mentor. Knowing how to choose one’s battles in a team environment. You’ll always think you are right about everything. But it takes a lot of self-restraint realise there are times when you really aren’t, but you don’t know it.

You can benefit from a mentor, show up and you will not run out of willing mentors!

Jonathan Silverberg DTM