Stay Safe & Sane Tips

The African economy is a huge dichotomy, on one hand, a group of professionals, many of whom will be working still, at home, in essential services, those who have savings & will cope. On the other hand, a large number of impoverished people have no idea where the next meal is coming from.  If you are fortunate there is so much you can do to help those who are less fortunate and you are encouraged to and to stay safe and sane! Adopt good habits like these : 

  1. Try to stay fit and healthy,  eat a balanced meal as often as you can, drink plenty of water and exercise regularly, you can do in your own home if you want to. 
  2.  Avoid smoking, drugs, don’t drink alcohol.
  3. Volunteer if you can or just be helpful to others 
  4. Donate to a recognized charity if you can  
  5. Send a message to someone you know who lives on their own.  
  6. Be extra kind and nice to people, the people you talk to on the phone, those who serve you at the shops, They may be employed but that doesn’t make life easy 
  7. Do not break the law, do not go out to visit your friends & family, wear a mask, wash your hands 
  8. Stay connected, talk to your family & friends regularly 
  9. Stick to the facts, avoid listening to sensationalism and fake news.  
  10. Get a good nights sleep Sleep well