The Golden Quarter

Membership Growth Challenge

The Division with the highest percentage growth from 1 July – 30 September will be crowned the Golden Quarter Membership Growth Champions. The more members that join your club during this period, the greater the chances of your Division being crowned champions! The Smedley Award membership drive falls within the Golden Quarter to perfect time to share the Toastmasters magic!

Statistics show that there is natural attrition when it comes to club membership. This is due to a number of factors i.e. members moving cities, changing jobs, encountering situations that take them away from their club, etc. On average, clubs lose 35-40% of their members each year. For a club with 20 members, this equates to 7-8 members who will not be there to fill roles on the club program. This can have a negative impact on the quality of the club and could hamper the learning experience for all club members.

An early injection of new members in the first quarter of the Toastmasters year strengthens the club’s foundation. Since members could leave at any time during the Toastmasters year, it makes sense for a club to start recruiting new members during the golden quarter, from 1 July to 30 September. This ensures that every club event has enough members to be able to run smoothly and fulfil the mission of a Toastmasters club.

The Smedley Award honours our founder, Dr. Ralph Smedley’s legacy of sharing the Toastmasters learning environment with everyone. I implore you and your club to recruit as many members as possible during the Golden Quarter. The winning Division will be crowned on 11 October.