District Director – Being Distinguished

What does being distinguished mean to you? We live in a world where we are constantly seeking the fullest expression of self. To make this possible we need to constantly find ways to distinguish our current self and that is the reason why I am a member of Toastmasters.

The word Distinguished became a frequent one in my vocabulary when I joined Toastmasters. It was a word so passionately defended and detested – I wondered why. Over the years, I have come to appreciate the importance of being distinguished in the course of executing our mission. I don’t know what becoming Distinguished means to you but I have observed that in Toastmasters, Distinguished clubs breed Distinguished leaders.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the 100 clubs that have so far achieved Distinguished status or better. These clubs have most likely created an environment where their members are able to continuously seek the fullest expression of self.

We have had the privilege this year of having some of our Distinguished members being appointed/elected Members of Parliament and they all come from Distinguished Clubs and so do many of our prominent leaders in our community who are Toastmasters. To honour the distinguished service of these clubs in our community, I will ensure every club that is Distinguished will be recognised beyond the Hall of Fame in July. They will be printed on anything #PeopleMakingHistory like our Yearbook and official T-shirt.

What does being distinguished mean to you as an individual? What does being distinguished mean to you in Toastmasters? What’s your progress on becoming distinguished this year? Should you need any help on becoming distinguished, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or my team. I hope to see your club amongst the at-least 140 clubs that we are aiming to help to become Distinguished!

Kind regards,

Frank Tsuro