Don’t Wait, Start-VPEs

At this time of the year – when there is so much to do, I’ve found that it’s best to break things into bite-size chunks & focus on what’s important first. I nearly always manage to get everything I set out to complete, done. I would encourage you all to do this too & encourage your fellow Exco & Club Members to do the same. Not only in terms of Toastmasters – but also your clients, your teams & your family.

We set huge goals for ourselves & often times we don’t achieve them because we leave it all to the last minute. If you have set your club goals to achieve Distinguished, Select or Presidents Distinguished Club Status, you might find yourself thinking it’s a long way off, and that you have plenty of time to complete the goals.

You do, but if you try to do it all in the last month of the Toastmasters year, it becomes unattainable. I would encourage you to review your goals NOW, whilst there is time available. Don’t worry about goals 9 & 10 at the moment, focus on goals 1-6 (which are all Education Awards) and let the VPM & VPPR focus on goals 7 & 8 (Membership growth).

Use this as an opportunity to connect with members, and find out how they are progressing in their Educational assignments…have they booked their next speaking slot, are they comfortable with Pathways, do they have their manuals, how can we help them, and address any other questions they may have.

To help you encourage them, we have a DCP Sprint promotion & those Clubs that are supporting member achievements by meeting 5 Goals by December 31, 2018 will be rewarded with an additional R250 voucher.

Please let us know how we can support you.

Nikki Quin-DTM
Program Quality Director