District Director’s Note

The year 2020 is now a year of the past and we can all look forward to 2021 and all it may bring. My hope for each member of District 74 is that 2021 has many special gifts in store for you. Continue investing time and energy in your self-development and reap the benefits that doing this brings into your life.

Paying it forward and giving the Gift of Hope to another person is a gift to the giver as well. Thank you to all the Toastmasters who stepped up and became Super Heroes by helping another person continue or start their Toastmaster Journey. The fantastic response from District 74 truly humbled me and reconfirmed what an amazing support system and caring family we have in Toastmasters District 74.

The initiative is not over, so you can still become a Super Hero. If you haven’t seen the initiative, then watch this video and click on the link below to become a Super Hero.


Thank you to every leader and every member of District 74 for their commitment to their Journey in Toastmasters in the first half of our Toastmaster Year. Continue to spread the word of Toastmasters so that we, as an organization, can continue to change people’s lives.