District Director’s Note

As human beings we move towards pleasure and away from pain. When we have a pain point in our lives, we investigate what we can do to relieve that pain so we can move towards pleasure.

Of the many reasons why we all joined Toastmasters, however, the root is often that we had a pain point in our lives, and we believed that Toastmasters could help us to relieve that pain by improving our Leadership skills, our Communication skills and develop more self – confidence and self – esteem.

 Who do you know that has a pain point in their life that the Toastmasters programme could help alleviate, moving them from pain towards pleasure?

I challenge each member of District 74 to listen to their colleagues, friends and family members to hear what the pain points are in their lives and show them how the Toastmasters programme can help change that pain point to something more pleasureable.

If every member of our District does this, we could double the membership in each club, each Area, each Division and in our District.

Are you up for this challenge?

Encourage one person over the next 30 days to join Toastmasters and help them to start their journey from pain to pleasure.