District Director’s Note

Is your self development a priority in your life?

Now, more than ever, it is important to continue your own self development and thereby separating yourself from the crowd. Upskilling and developing yourself continually is the one way you can ensure that you remain in your job or continue to expand your business.

As Toastmasters we are fortunate to have an incredible programme that, should you invest your time, money and energy in it, your success is ensured. The forced migration into the on-line world has opened even more doors to not only develop new skills, but to expand your network throughout the world of Toastmaster Clubs.

Times are tough and all our countries are going through economic difficulties, but never before has it been more important for you to continue to invest in yourself. It is time to renew your Toastmasters membership. Invest in YOU!

We are fortunate in District 74 to have the Garmeson Trust, which if you qualify, will assist you to continue investing in yourself and your Toastmaster Journey. For more information on the Garemson Trust go to: https://toastmasters74.org/financial-assistance/