Division E – Energised to make a difference

Where can I start, I guess it’s only at the beginning. I took this role not really knowing what I was getting myself into. However, I took it anyway because I trust the process and I was riding on other people’s belief in me. I didn’t have a crystal ball to forsee what would unfold in the future but despite all the challenges I faced, I managed to navigate through. I personally believe I have grown as a leader.

The beauty about Toastmasters is that it motivates people to act and achieve goals without remuneration. The blind side is that, since you didn’t hire them, so you can’t fire them if they don’t perform. Your only weapon then is to motivate and inspire, knowing when to push them away or pull them towards you or just let them be. This year has also taught me to empathize as we are going through a lot and also reminded me that we can only feed from an overflow. You can never give something you don’t have irrespective of who you are. So take time to refill, put the oxygen on you first, then save the world.  

We were the first leadership group to lead in the Covid 19 era, an experience that I wouldn’t trade, even for a billion dollars.

Mimi Makupula – outgoing Division E Director

I love connecting with wonderful people and their amazing stories. I am at a point in my life where I what to make a bigger difference. I plan on standing with my wonderful Area Directors to support their Clubs – to make a difference for the VIPs (members).  I love our powerful motto for this year #exceedexpectations #everymembermatters.  The areas that fall into Division E are rather spread out – covering Queenstown, East London, Port Elizabeth, Somerset West and parts of Cape Town too.

Angela Rogers – Division E Director elect