Finalist Ruramai Sithole

I have always wanted to speak from as early as I can remember but I was lacking in confidence. I couldn’t see how I could ever muster the confidence to do so. I was terrified of speaking and avoided it all costs.

My life-changing moment occurred when I relocated to Namibia for my internship back in 2017. Being in Namibia helped me mainly because I was away from people who knew me and people who I knew would judge me if I ever tried speaking.

It was there that I joined Toastmasters, gained confidence and found my voice. My methodology was simple, “fake it till you make it”.

Inconsequentially, the more I spoke in those meetings the more I became comfortable and the more I fell in love with speaking.

In essence, I ended up “faking it till I became it”.

Never disqualify yourself without trying.

I realised that so many of us have this tendency to allow our fears to talk us out of going after the objects of our desires. What we don’t realise is the fact that the things that we are scared of are in actuality within our reach.

People love stories.

The easiest way to get people’s attention and engagement is by telling a simple, relatable and entertaining story.

To be the 1st person to bring the World Championship to Africa was my goal when l set out.

My advise. Just do it!

You’ll never get any better if you keep watching from the stands.

No matter how many Jet-Li or Jackie Chan Kung-Fu movies you watch; you’ll never be good at Kung-Fu unless you throw yourself into the arena.

Do it now! Do it today!