Division L – Team work made the dream work

As the Toastmasters year draws to a close, I am feeling as ‘fired up’ now as when I started my term as Division L Director. We will be handing over a strong and successful baton to the incoming team. “Teamwork makes the Dream Work’.  

I am grateful for the leadership opportunity.  It is wonderful seeing the Division’s growth, commitment and achievements. Sharing this leadership journey together has been the highlight over the entire year.

During the year, the Division worked well together and held many successful events.  The cherry on the top was our Division L Speech Contest with five amazing speakers. This will forever remain one of the most memorable events, together with LovE COTii, Contest Speaker Mastery, Toastmaster to Professional Speaker and so many great TLI workshops.

Thank you to our incredible team for 2021/22.  Here is wishing the incoming team great success!

Lucinda Harman, DTM – outgoing Division L Director

As an Area Director of L1, most of the clubs I was leading were corporate clubs which brought awareness to the importance of confidence, speaking and leadership in the workplace. Sandton, Johannesburg and Rosebank are business districts with a lot of young people who are in need of Toastmasters and its benefits. The businesses along with the members will definitely benefit from Toastmasters by building and establishing relationships.

There’s a lot to benefit from Toastmasters, from the people to skills. We all have different reasons for joining toastmasters. Understanding those reasons and working together with the ADs and the Exco to assist the members to meet those goals.

Ntsako Selaule – Division L Director elect