Semi finalist Granny Be Botha

I was employed to be a trainer and conference speaker and really wanted to add value, as I saw this as an opportunity to impact peopleā€™s lives. After I retired from that company, I continued, but now with my professional name as Granny Be007 šŸ˜Ž Rememberā€¦. I CAN see clearly now and I am watching YOU šŸ¤©

We sometimes tend to ignore what is obvious and urgent, being challenged to make difficult decisions as we try to consider everyone around us. In the speech I share my journey of learning this valuable lesson from the ā€œSchool of Hard Knocksā€ where I almost lost my sight, on the importance of choosing to see clearly, securing your own mask first in order to make difficult decisions.

I chose this theme as during COVID19 I discovered so many people were choosing to ignore making difficult decisions in the hope that COVID would disappear and all will return to normal. I discovered that kind of thinking is actually a global pandemic as according to a research in the Harvard Business Review, a top reason, leaders avoid making difficult decisions, is because they just wanted to consider others first.

Having gone through four separate speech contests this year, I have learnt that even if you think you are good and people say you are good ā€“ GET A CREDIBLE SPEECH COACH that you actually PAY!!!!!

All the years I did not want to compete as I find it extremely painful to compete against the people I love dearly, that I support around me. I challenged myself with this; if I wanted to grow myself, I needed to find a way to overcome that PAIN. I then realized that if I gave it my best and was able to rise through the various levels, I will be able to bring back that experience to everyone along the way and empower them even more. šŸ¤©

Once you have finally written and learnt off by heart that amazing powerful message you have ā€¦.. remember that is only the beginning. Then begins the real work; where to add vocal variety, what kind of variety impacts the message more, how to use the entire camera area, making sure you have good light on yourself, are you audible all the time, what is too much and any special effects needed. Can you see there is just so much MORE than the message, even what you wear plays a part ā€“ not that you can earn more points for a branded outfit, but if something is distracting people from listening to your message, you are losing your audience. EVERYTHING MATTERS, however, whatever you do, learn to enjoy the experience and have fun, you are making memories for yourself and others.