Third place winner Sbongile Moloi

I was attending a leadership conference and I was taken in by how the different speakers spoke with confidence, enthusiasm and managed to capture my attention throughout the conference. This made me realize that I wanted what they have and I signed up for Toastmasters to groom me into becoming an eloquent public speaker.

My core message was about Mentorship. I shared on the lack of mentoring that I had experienced and how denting that would have been towards my growth had I not strived to have mentors.

I believe that a greater tomorrow for anyone is to be surrounded by good mentors and mentors also grow from developing mentees.

I have learnt the importance of doing research, learning from people who are ahead of me and to have a teachable spirit.

Hahaha, firstly, I did not think I would get this far. I am new to Toastmasters and was not sure how the different competition levels work. I just wanted to have a feel of the speech contest and every time I moved to the next level was just surreal.

Once you have done the necessary research on that specific topic. Relax and enjoy your audience.